Empowering young mothers to be economically self sustaining, this program equips young mothers and school dropouts with life skills.

PMU Staff handing over Sewing Machines to some of the beneficiaries. When you meet Kwikirize at her workshop, few words can explain how grateful she is for the programme. Born in the Family of 6 Children, she is the first born but trouble started from the day she was born, unable to walk and physically incapacitated. Her parents couldn’t provide minimum education so they decided that she remains at home.

Today she lives a different life after acquiring life skills. She is now the bread earner for her family. The father who was a farmer got paralyzed so all hope is on Kwikirize to provide family needs.

We have heard many testimonies some which are better felt than expressed. Due to expensive education, most dropout students have resorted to acts which put their lives in danger.

At PMU, we believe these community members deserve a chance to learn such skills which will enhance their financial independence.

The major challenge is inadequate Sewing Machines. So far we have three Sewing Machines at the school with a community of over 60 potential beneficiaries. We hope to get more machines such that we can meet future demand. Any help is always welcome.