Support the Children

Orphanage Ministry

The program for the Progressive Nursery and Primary School center consists of physical, mental and spiritual development. Now we have 170 Children in the Orphanage School.

Mental Development
Due to the fact that most children are born in hostile conditions without care and love, normally they have low self-esteem which affects their emotional growth. Jesus commanded us to have love for one another. Children are a gift from God so we treasure them with much love and care. Showing love and care to a child boosts their morale to ingradteract with the rest which will strengthen their mental development. Kids at the Orphanage school get breakfast, Lunch and are given emotional support. Some kids especially those from broken families come when are reserved and don’t want to socialize with the rest. But eventually their teachers help these kids to adjust at school and live a social life. In this picture kids are graduating from pre-school to grade one class. we now have children up to grade 5.

Spiritual Development
Children are exposed to spiritual growth and development. They are brought up with learning about Jesus Christ as our lord and savior, who died for our sins and rose for our justification. We minister to them about God’s goodness and to embrace love for one another as Christ loved us. They study the Bible at a young age. This will equip them witFILE3459h the message to defend the word of God and how to live harmoniously with the other children. Every term kids have Sunday school at Church. On this day kids have presentations in form of songs, plays and bible exposition. We have a dedicated staff that help to shape children into mature fulfilled Christians. In this picture kids choir with staff at Progressive

Ministries Uganda are singingChurch 1 and praising the lord in church.

Physical Development
At progressive ministries Uganda, we address the physical development of the kids, a healthy body regulates a healthy mind. Children go to the play ground twice a week to exercise and enjoy soccer / football and running.