Dairy Farm Welcomes Rosie & Selah

Two of the PPMU cows gave birth to healthy calves this spring. Please join us in welcoming Rosie and Selah to the herd. They are so adorable and their addition increases our herd to five cows. God is good! Dairy farming is just one way PPMU hopes to become self-sustaining in the future. Currently, the mother cows produce six gallons of milk a day. This milk is used to supplement the children’s daily meal program. As the herd continues to grow and produce more milk, any surplus will be available to the community for purchase. All proceeds from milk sales are used to support the PPMU ministry and the dairy farming operation.

How you can help:

Support our dairy farm! Our herd needs vaccinations, feed, and other general care. Would you prayerfully consider donating $50-$100 per month to support the PPMU Dairy Program?